Frequently Asked Questions

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1.How do i raise funds?

To start fundraiser,follow this three step:
1) Signup/Create Campaign on
2) Fill up the form by clicking on proceed button,
3) Hit Submit button. copy & share campaign link from share icon on dashboard or menu.

2.Can I raise funds for a friend or NGO as well?

Yes, you can also raise funds for a friend or NGO, a loved one or anyone in need during life's crucial moments.

3. How to turn visitors into contributors

Write brief & real story about your campaign & submit the campaign related picture, so that visitor can contribute after watchread your story.

4. How can i find my campaign?

Go to side menu and navigate to shareble link, now copy your campaign link & share with your friends and family.

5. Is my campaign allowed on Planetway?

Yes! after fill up the campaign form, you can apply for approval of your content and campaign on planetway, once it approved by community your campaign will appear on planetway website.

6. How to soft launch your campaign

Start sharing campaign link with social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp, messaging etc.

7.Does the raised amount reach the individual directly?

Yes! fundraiser received all contribution in his/her planeetway wallet, & he/she can transfer the contribution to any outside ethereum wallet or exchange.

8.What is ethereum and why it's used in planetway?

Ethereum is an crypto payment method, it can eaisly converted from any fiat currency by exchanges or individual, it's enable worldwide payment that's why planetway platform choosen Ethereum Payment method.

1.What is Campaign Landing Page?

Landing page is an online page & method for express your problem in front of known or unknown donors!.

2.Is there any charges to create this page on Planetway?

No! Planetway dosent charge any amount to create campaign page, it's 100% free even 0% fee on raised amount.

3.Do I need add bank details to receive contribution?

No! Planetway platform already intigrated ethereum payment method and permanently wallet for you.

4.Can I raise fund from Worldwide?

Yes! you can share your campaign link arround the World and raise funds.

5.How can I boost my campaign & fundraising?

If your contribution and fundraising not goes well as you thought, you can enrol in Planet 10X Community.

6.What Goal values should I fill in Campaign form?

The values are not fixed and there is no limits on goal amount, but you should keep real required value and Type Numerical value in Ether only.

7.How to explain my story in brief ?

The Panel is auto logout in 5 minutes, so write real story outside as notepad or somewhere as text and copy the txt, than paste on campaign discription box.

8.What kind of image file type support on campaign form?

Upload only PNG or JPEG Image with max size of 5 MB.

1.How does i receive contribution?

Planetway platform provide you campaign landing page with intigrated ethereum payment wallet, you receive all contribution in ether.

2.Why Ether payment is used for contribution?

Ethereum is an crypto payment methos and faster in transaction, with the help of ether payment, you can receive contribution from Worldwide.

3.Is it safe to create planetway account?

Yes! Planetway community has designed this platform, where all assets belongs to you as personal controll.

4.How Planetway account is secure?

During creation of campaign account, you will receive an recovery pharase codes, it will help you out to recover your account in case of forgotten password.

5.Can I use Planetway wallet to store/send ethereum ?

Yes! you can use planetway wallet for receive/send and store the ethereum as well.

6.How can i withdraw or transfer my ether funds?

You can transfer your ether fund from your planetway wallet to another planetway wallet without any transaction fee and transfer funds to any outside ether wallet or exchange with blockchain fee as well.

1.What is Planet 10X Community?

Planetway created another platform, called 10X community, it will boost any campaign without dependency of outside donors.

2.How does 10X pcommunity helps me to boost fundraising?

Average donation percentage is 2-35 percent, depends upon countries, 10X community was created for P2P donation system, where one fundraiser financialy support to another fundraiser.

3.How to enrol in 10X community?

You can enrol in planet 10X community by donate a small amount of 0.05 ethereum & this contribution will auto transfer to existing 8 up-line fundraiser as per pre-program algorithm & you will receive the same percentage of contribution from 1st to 8th Down-line fundraiser invited by you.

4.What should I do after enrol in 10X community?

Invite fundraiser like you by your referral link, who really want to boost their fundraising, once they donate the same ether, you will get contribution as per algorithm program

5.Where can I find all details about planet 10X Community Program?

You can Download the PDF file from download button on website home page at bottom of the page!.

6.Is there any limits in this community for raising funds?

No ! 10X community is created for endless fundraisng, without any limits.

1. Is Fundraising/Crowdfunding Legal?

Yes! Donation/Crowdfunding/Fundraising are already Legal in each Countries, from the decades of years are using this method for social or charity causes, now use this methos to raise funds for your personal causes.

2.Is there any TAX liabilities on raised fund?

Yes! in each country the rules and regulations are exist & each and every fundraised should pay the TAX as per his/her country where are you belongs.

3.Is Legal platform?

Yes! Planetway is not an company nor a central authority, its an open community of fundraisers & 12 programmers, situated around the world, and open for all, you can also donate your skills to become mamber of programmer community, you may call as Self Help Group, it is created for work without company, without investment, without product.

1.How to Create Planetway Account/Wallet?

Click on Create Campaign or Start a Project button on website & fill the required filled values, click on next button and copy Recovery Phrase and save somewhere safely, it will helps to restore the wallet in case of forgotten password..

2.Is any Email or SMS verify the account?

No! planetway is an individual encrypted wallet intigrated with multiple opprtunity, No message or Email you received for verification, only save your recovery pharase somewhere safely, planetway dosent responsible for your loss if you forgotten your password.

3.Is Planetway store any dats of my account?

No! community dosen't save any personal data nor Password.

4.How can i restore wallet in case of forgotten password?

Sipmly click on Recover my password, paste recovery phrase and click submit and reset your new password.

5.Can i Change new Recovery Phrase?

Yes! if you shared your recovery pharase with someone by mistake, you can generate new recovery pharase by setting menu with the help of old recovery phrase, once new pharase will generate, your old recovery pharase will destroyed permanently, kindly copy and save new pharase somewhere safely.